VIDEO. With her trailer bookstore, she travels through rural markets to the delight of isolated readers.

In the middle of the vegetable and charcuterie stalls, his stand stands out. And rightly so, Laurie Fardoit does not offer cheese, meat or other foods, but an equally precious commodity: books. Since 2021, this enthusiast has been traveling the roads of France to set up her mobile bookshop in the markets of small towns. Used, children’s literature, comics…’La Tête dans les clouds’ offers almost 1400 references to book lovers who are not lucky enough to get hold of them easily.

For Laurie Fardoit, the idea for this project arose from her two passions: reading and the desire to travel. “I worked in bookstores and media libraries for nine years and little by little the idea of ​​having my own business grew. This form of mobile shop appealed to me”, says the young woman Petit Courrier-L’Echo de la Vallee du Loir. After a thorough education, she decided to establish her company in a trailer, which she fitted out to measure. All dressed in wood, this one has an interior “cozy” and “cocoon”so that “you feel good there” indicates the owner.

In October 2021, Laurie Fardoit will embark on her tour of France through small markets to set up her bookshop “La Tête dans lesclouds”. It starts with the Côte d’Or and then heads towards Touraine, Vendée, Brittany… The bookseller stays for about one to two months in a department or region and takes the opportunity to discover the area. Each time, she chooses to go to places where bookstores are rare or even nonexistent. Purpose: to bring the book to those who have a hard time getting it.

With more than 1,400 references on board, the choice is yours! Laurie Fardoit offers new books, as well as used books, board games and cards. Something to find happiness or a nice gift for a loved one. The retailer can also place an order and have the latest releases, like a classic bookstore.

Discover this bookstore like no other by watching the video below from

Laurie is going to the markets of France with her trailer bookshop

For six months, Laurie travels the markets of small towns in France to meet readers far from traditional bookshops. She offers 1400 references in her tailor-made caravan!

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Visit the La Tête dans lesukes website to learn more about Laurie Fardoit’s itinerary and her company.

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