Decathlon and Adidas allow you to recycle your pair of shoes to turn it into a sports field

Shoes in exchange for a sports field. Decathlon and Adidas have launched “Collectives”, a major operation across France. Objective: to collect 25,000 pairs of shoes throughout France to recycle them and then build a sports field, we can read on the site of Sports strategies. The operation will run until February 25th.

The Decathlon brand offers everyone the opportunity to return their used pair of shoes in one of its 330 stores. All types of shoes are accepted except crampons. Each sneaker, moccasin or boot then receives the same treatment: they are transported to be sorted, recycled and transformed. Sports strategies explains that their textile part will be sent to the recycling sector, while the sole will be crushed and transformed into a floor covering in a French company.

It is precisely this coating that will then be used in the construction of the sports field, planned for the summer of 2022. Decathlon and Adidas therefore want to develop a new material made from 100% recycled footwear.

Photo: Decathlon

Promote sport to women

We don’t know yet which city this new space will land in, but Decathlon and Adidas plan to give a prominent place to so-called “primarily female” activities such as dance or fitness, which are not easily accessible outside the paying rooms. In a press release, the brand specializing in sports accessories explains that: only 15% of the users of sports facilities in public spaces are women. In question ? Most sports fields in France focus on team sports such as football or basketball, usually played by boys and men.

With “Collectives”, Adidas and Decathlon want to give everyone access to safe and inclusive spaces. And to get this message across, “Collectives” has a five-star ambassador: Cléopâtre Darleux, goalkeeper of the French handball team and Olympic champion.

“The initiative is important to encourage young girls and young women to play sports. I would have liked to have access to such infrastructures and I am convinced that this will help to create new vocations. »

Cléopâtre Darleux, goalkeeper of the French handball team

You have until the end of February to contribute to this beautiful project!

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