Ambitions Transitions: a forum invites students and companies to envision the jobs of tomorrow

Today opens the first edition of a forum of engaged professions, initiated by a collective of students. Meet at the climate academy in Paris, where about sixty companies are guests until Saturday. A free event, after registration, where young graduates can project themselves into a changing world of work.

Ambitions Transitions Collective
The alumni collective at the initiative of Ambitions Transitions

In the program

Ambitions Transitions focuses on young graduates as well as on profiles of people in retraining. The event will take place digitally today and face-to-face on Friday and Saturday. On the programme: forum for engaged professions, conferences, roundtables, debates and workshops on the search for meaning at work and the decarbonisation of companies. Without forgetting the essential after work Friday night!

More than 500 vacancies to fill

Actors of the ecological transition from all walks of life will be present. We will meet almost sixty companies, but also actors from the associative world such as La Fresque du Climat, project leaders, the editor-in-chief of the magazine social, a director… The organizing student collective consists of 10 Alumni Clubs of business schools and committed engineers. They selected the companies present on the basis of their own criteria: “ We have collectively thought: to every guest star says Apolline Boulaire, an organizer who graduated from the ESSEC. All structures have an impact and have placed transition issues at the heart of their mission.

While traditional stock markets indirectly exclude transition players due to their too high entry coststhis initiative reminds us that it is up to the younger generation to define the world of work in its own terms. Registrations are still open!

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