Les Glénans, Europe’s leading sailing school, is committed to plant-based and sustainable food

Glénans school is heading towards sustainable food for its 75th birthday. Indeed, the first sailing school in Europe has decided to rethink the content of its plates so that it is healthier, ecological and respectful to the producers, she announced in a press release. Exit ultra-processed products, the different bases of Glénans will now serve more organic and priority will be given to local products. Another important shift is that the school wants to reduce the meat (meat and fish) portion of its menus to give preference to vegetable proteins. “The menus will be adapted to guarantee the necessary inputs for a sporting activity”specifies the training center.

“We have always encouraged a certain sobriety in our lifestyle. This is the case for energy, water and waste management. (…) Today is the food we want to reconcile with this commitment“, says Tom Daune, General Delegate of Glénans. This food revolution is bringing a number of changes in supply and packaging, as well as in chef training. “There are additional costs, but we are willing to reorganize to mitigate them. In addition, our members also offer to participatesays Tom Daune.

Each year, the various bases of this leading sailing school welcome nearly 15,000 trainees and instructors. That’s as many people as “can now know that what’s on their plate comes from the neighboring producer”supports the school.

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