VIDEO. Second-hand cars are sold at unbeatable prices in this solidarity garage

Mobility is a discriminatory character for access to or return to work. Given this reality, the Salvation Army Foundation has opened a solidarity garage in Kingersheim, in the Haut-Rhin. Targeting a vulnerable audience for whom the car is an essential need, it offers rental, sales and repair services at a lower cost. The TF1 1:00 p.m. paper devoted a report to it that allows us to understand how this impact structure works.

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Solidarity cars for a second chance

In Mulhouse, a solidarity garage comes to the rescue of the most precarious. He sells them used cars at unbeatable prices.

Posted by TF1 Info on Tuesday, March 29, 2022

The garage is also an insertion place

The cars and services on offer are at unbeatable prices: €2,000 for the purchase of a vehicle, up to €30 per hour for repairs and just €20 for rentals (of which 15 are covered by Salvation Army partners).

And the social impact of this structure goes even further: the garage employs four employees in integration who are supported in their professional project.

A vicious circle based on donations

What the garage showed the light of day a few weeks ago: the generosity of vehicle donors coupled with an original financing system. The Foundation has started a crowdfunding campaign. For every euro a citizen pays, the project partners (the European Community of Alsace and Passion Automobiles) commit themselves to pay one euro. A vicious circle in which it is possible to participate by following this link. Helpful clarification: By handing over their car to the Salvation Army, the ex-owners enjoy a tax exemption.

Only people in a precarious situation in the Bas-Rhin or Haut-Rhin benefit from this solidarity garage. An initiative with a smart economic model, based on voluntary local actors. And if we duplicate it somewhere else?

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