A squirrel installs its nest under their window, they film everything. Moving images.

Even in the city, wildlife observation is possible. As proof, these astonishing and moving images, filmed in the Rhone by lucky residents: a squirrel has come to build its nest just under their window!

One fine day, Alex and Ana, who live on the third floor of their building, were surprised by a strange noise. Quoted by BFM TVthey tell:

“We were woken up last week to strange noises, we thought it was our cat and then through the window we saw a squirrel that had a branch in its beak and came to bring it, it was maybe four or five. †

Source: BFM TV


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The animal has been there ever since, much to the delight of its neighbors who share their observations on TikTok. Thousands of people can now follow and comment on the daily life and the comings and goings of the squirrel.


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However, Alex and Ana take every precaution not to disturb the little creature (nicknamed “Lemon-Chestnut”): the window is never open again and there is no question of feeding it.


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“We are just stunned, we stand behind the window and we look at it (…) It’s a pleasure to see this squirrel living with us every day so we film him all the time because we want to have a lot of memories of his presence because we know he won’t stay there indefinitely. We are super happy to share this with other people and see that it makes them feel good. It really is a great adventure. †

Source: BFM TV

An exceptional roommate!

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