Mosquito Repellent Plants: 7 Species to Repel the Risk of Bites

Since mosquitoes can spoil you for an entire night, nap or meal in the sun, try to keep them away before they come to bite you. And for that it is still best to rely on the power of mosquito-repellent plants. Here are a few.

Decorative tobacco: an ideal mosquito-repellent plant for the evening

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The flowers of ornamental tobacco open mainly in the evening and give off a strong scent, making it a very good repellent for insects, including mosquitoes. Never has tobacco been so healthy as in this form.

Lavender: the Mosquito Repellent Plant Loved by Butterflies

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Lavender (besides beautiful) repels mosquitoes (and wasps) excellently and attracts butterflies, bumblebees and bees that do not disturb your sleep.

Lemongrass or the ones that look like it

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Like lemongrass thyme, lemon verbena, lemongrass basil or lemon balm, this plant has a lemony scent and makes an excellent mosquito repellent. And if you don’t have one or don’t have anything to plant it with, you can also use it in the form of an essential oil.

Mint: an easy-to-grow mosquito-repellent plant

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Known and prized for its taste and smell, this plant is also a formidable ally in the fight against mosquitoes. In addition, it has the advantage of growing easily and almost anywhere.

Rosemary: mosquitoes hate it

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This plant not only adds flavor to the kitchen, but also repels the smell of incense from mosquitoes. Some even use barbecues to burn a few branches: the rosemary smoke gives off an even stronger scent.

the basilica

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Same as rosemary. In addition to embellishing your dishes or sauces, basil, packed with essential oil, is a great mosquito-repellent plant. And for even more efficiency, opt for lemon basil.

Marigold: a flower against mosquitoes

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Marigold contains pyrethrin, a natural repellent that makes it a very good mosquito repellent plant.

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