10 plants that can withstand full sun and grow without water and (almost) without water in the garden

Do you dream of resistant plants in full sun, which grow without water and almost without water? You can, with these 10 ornamental species that bring color and scent to your garden.

the galliard

The gaillardia is a plant with a rich bloom and little greed in water. It grows in full sun, often in the middle of the massifs. In summer, it enhances the garden with its green foliage and its impressive array of warmly colored flowers. The advantage: it tolerates both drought and frost (down to -20°C). Some more ? [1]

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Besides giving off a pleasant spring scent, coloring your garden and benefiting butterflies, lavender is also a plant that grows without (or almost) watering. It tolerates a little coolness at the roots, but above all not too much water. It only needs to be watered at the beginning, when it is just planted, and that’s it. [2]

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Sage is used in the garden as an ornamental plant and in the kitchen as a fragrance. And if she’s really afraid of anything, it’s excess water and moisture. It should therefore be watered occasionally, for example at the beginning of planting or in hot weather. In other words, it is better to water less than too much. [3]

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the lantana

This summer flowered plant likes full sun exposure and is used to warm regions. It therefore tolerates drought and is not very greedy: only water when it has been dry for a while. [4] Be careful, it does not like the cold, so dig up the stump during frost and put it in a dry and light place.

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Excessive humidity is very bad for agave. Indeed, this succulent does very well without (or almost) watering and should be exposed to full sun. It can easily survive for several weeks without water: water twice a month during drought and once a month for the rest of the year. [5]

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Valerian is a plant that likes full sun and very dry soil. So it is not necessary to water too much. In addition, it tolerates the cold very well, with temperatures reaching as low as -20°C. Maintaining valerian is therefore child’s play. [6]

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the cactus

We are not teaching you anything, the cactus is a desert plant. As a result, it tolerates drought very well: the hotter and drier it is, the better it does. However, remember to water once the root ball is dry during the growing period, about once every 15 days. When it has grown well, stop watering as it can be deadly. [7]

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The desert rose

The desert rose or adenium obesum is, as the name suggests, a plant that grows in full sun. It likes without (or almost) watering, but should definitely be planted in a warm region. Indeed, being from South Africa, it does not adapt to cold climates (ie temperatures below 10°C). [8] So, for example, if you live in the north of France, skip your turn.

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Purslane is one of the plants that is very resistant to drought. It can therefore grow with very little water in your garden rockeries, on your low walls, in planters or even in suspensions. What more can we say except that purslane requires simple and easy maintenance. [9]

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the poppy

The poppy, like the previously mentioned plants, can suffer from watering too often. Once emerged, it does well without water and is used to dry conditions. So don’t drown him, because maybe he doesn’t like it…

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I hope these ten plants that are hardy in full sun and grow without (or nearly) watering will make you want to get your hands dirty. And to go further, we invite you to discover our selection of fragrant plants and flowers for a fragrant garden or balcony.

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