With its 100% French organic infusions, ROMATIC reveals the taste and benefits of plants

Mother’s Day is approaching and you are looking for an ecologically responsible gift to give your mother? What if you offer him an organic infusion, with no artificial flavors or pesticide residues? Born from the desire to reconnect man with nature, the earth and taste, ROMATIC offers organic infusions, ECOCERT certified, with no added flavors or preservatives, and 100% made in France. Designed with a naturopath and inspired by the ancestral culture of aromatic and medicinal plants, ROMATIC infusions invite you to take care of yourself in a natural way. Meeting Marie and Julien at the origin of the Occitan fragrances project.

Photo: © Poesieboheme

Who are you and what is your background?

We are Marie and Julien, the founders of ROMATIC infusions. After spending fifteen years in Paris in the fields of communication and finance respectively, our quest for meaning, freedom and reconnection with nature forced us to travel and explore new avenues, such as permaculture, which was a revelation for us. So we left Paris and decided to create a project that brought together our common passions: nature, gastronomy, traditional know-how, holistic health and well-being. This is how ROMATIC was born, shortly after our installation in Occitania, the region of origin and the heart of Julien.

Can you tell us more about ROMATIC?

ROMATIC is a young brand of low-cost, eco-responsible and 100% French organic infusions, born under the Occitanie sun in the spring of 2021, financed after a crowdfunding campaign in the amount of 267%. Plant and taste lovers, we have proposed three series of infusions that combine benefits and pleasure:

  • An essential range to ease the small ills of everyday life
  • A wellness range dedicated to women (cycle, breastfeeding, skin beauty)
  • A pleasure range inspired by southern France and Mediterranean scents

Each blend, conceived and designed with a naturopath, is composed of exceptional organic plants and flowers grown by small local producers. With no added flavors or preservatives, our organic infusions are available in bulk and whole leaves to respect and rediscover the wonderful aromatic and beneficial properties of plants. Our eco-responsible approach also includes choosing eco-designed, plastic-free packaging that is printed in France.

Photo: © Poesieboheme

Why did you decide to embark on this adventure?

Artificial aromas, herbs and plants from the other side of the world, poisonous and polluting individual sachets, the universe of infusions was very lacking in naturalness and ethics to our taste! This convinced us to create ROMATIC, the first infusion brand to meet very high standards, in particular by using only organic plants and flowers grown in France, promoting economic activity.

These conditions allow us to limit the environmental impact associated with our activity and we are proud to be the first infusion brand to incorporate these commitments as a company with a mission into our bylaws from the start!

What message do you want to get through your project?

First, that it is urgent to reconnect with nature and take time for yourself. Plants are an effective and natural means of well-being. The infusion offers a beneficial and gastronomic ritual that allows a gentle reconnection with oneself and with nature, essential in our stressful everyday life.

With ROMATIC we also want to make people aware of the importance of supporting our small local producers and their know-how. And Mother’s Day is a great opportunity to give a wellness and environmentally responsible gift!

Do you want to please your mother with a organic infusion, without artificial flavors or pesticide residues and ecologically responsible † Visit .’s website ROMATIC to discover the blends of organic, beneficial and 100% French plants

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