With boiling water for eggs you increase the growth of your plants

In eggs, nothing is thrown away, everything is recycled. After the shells, it is the turn of the cooking water to be usefully reused in the garden and at home. Objective ? Stimulate the growth of our precious plants.

How to reuse cooking water for eggs?

We tend to forget, but the water used to boil eggs can be just as precious as that used for pasta. And rightly so, in boiling water, the calcium releases from the shells, making the water extremely rich in nutrients. So, instead of tossing it down the sink unnecessarily, take advantage of these multiple benefits instead.

Egg boiling water is known as an excellent organic fertilizer and natural protection for your plants, provided it is unsalted of course. It consists of calcium, proteins and many minerals, such as carbonate, magnesium and phosphorus.

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But concretely, how do you use it?

Allow the egg cooking water to cool and then pour it over your plants. Be careful, it should not be used on all plants, but only on plants that require a high calcium intake. We therefore avoid camellias, rhododendrons, hydrangeas, azaleas or even witch hazel. Too much can damage them.

That’s it, you can now draw a line under industrial fertilizers. By the way, if you’re interested, here are 7 homemade natural fertilizers to self-fertilize your plants.

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