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DIY and upcycling: 3 easy tutorials for hanging plants

Spider plant, pothos, misery or ivy… These plants have one thing in common: they can be grown in pots and hung in a room, balcony or even a pergola in the garden. How to mark them? Here’s a selection of DIY tips to improve your plants without breaking the bank.

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Ropes and agility: discover macramé

Do you know macrame? Originally an Arab craft technique dating back to the 12th century, it is today used for decorative creations based on fabric or cordage. Macramé is ideal for hanging flower pots because it has an important aesthetic aspect as well as practicality.

Are you completely new to the art of macrame? Don’t panic, you can easily make your first suspension with a cord as the only fabrication tool. For the steps to follow, we give you this video from the Crea’Lyn YouTube channel:

Recycled cans

If you’re not that handy, here’s another easy and fun way to hang your plants or flowers. All you need is some cans and a wooden board or two. Then you can follow the tutorial of the famous France 5 show: Quiet, it’s growing!

A hanging garden made of plastic bottles

Sometimes we sit with plastic bottles on our arms without knowing what to do with them. If the first instinct is to toss them in the trash, you can also take the opportunity to create a small hanging garden. To do this, nothing could be easier by following the steps in this video from L’astucerie:

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