Why should you stop using your electrical appliances this Monday morning?

Are you used to turning on your washing machine, dryer or even dishwasher at the beginning of the week? That is why it is better this Monday morning to limit your electricity consumption.

Within a week, the temperature dropped several degrees. As a result, the electricity transmission network operator (RTE) is confronted with a peak in electricity consumption due to the cold spell in France. A problem, especially because half of the nuclear reactors are currently shut down for maintenance or repair.

To prevent the situation from becoming too tense throughout the territory, RTE has therefore asked companies, communities and individuals to take environmentally responsible measures this Monday morning from 6 am to 12 am (and from 7 am to 10 am for companies). For example, if all households turn off a light bulb, the electricity saving is 600 MW, a consumption equivalent to a city like Toulouse.

“Due to the drop in temperatures, electricity consumption will be high on Monday: around 9 am it could rise to 73,000 MW. However, the electricity production must be 65,000 MW.”

RTE, quoted by the telegram

How to moderate your electricity consumption?

What does this mean in concrete terms? Every household is invited to moderate its consumption in many ways: turning on the light as a last resort, switching off appliances on standby, not using appliances that consume too much energy, avoiding charging their smartphone or computer, turning down the heating, etc. It is recommended for companies to postpone heating of buildings, to postpone video conferences after 10 am….

Let’s adopt these small, harmless but very useful gestures for the planet together.

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