Where to buy firewood for your fireplace?

Have you just invested in a fireplace or stove and don’t know where to buy firewood? Rather than direct you to the first seller (and risk paying full price), we give you practical and economical advice.

How much wood do I need?

Before buying firewood, it is recommended to calculate the amount you will need to warm you during the winter period. It all depends on the size of your house, the use of the fireplace or stove, the space you have to store the wood (garage, garden shed, etc. 25cm, 33cm or 50cm logs).

Ask yourself all these questions to make sure you buy the right amount of firewood. And of course, once you have the answers, don’t forget to choose the right wood (it must be dry, of good quality and PEFC certified). Check out our how-to article for more information.

Keep in mind that if you can buy your firewood all year round, it is still preferable to do so in the spring or summer. And it is not without reason that it will be drier because it is less subject to bad weather in autumn or winter.

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Where to buy firewood?

Staatsbosbeheer (ONF)

We don’t always think about it and yet it is undoubtedly the first supplier that can best meet your needs. The ONF, which is particularly responsible for the rational management of logging, markets its cutting waste (firewood, pellets, chips, etc.). You can have them delivered or pick them up directly at the nearest storage center. Just go here to find out more.

The advantage : you are guaranteed to buy quality wood that has been harvested with the “best” respect for the environment.

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The big brands

Another solution for obtaining firewood: hardware stores or supermarkets. These brands sell it regularly, but few offer delivery. So if you don’t have a trailer and no one can help you transport the logs, it’s best to choose another option.

Disadvantage : in addition to the supply problem, the cubic meter of wood can sometimes be sold for more in shops (usually the price, which varies quite a bit according to the region and the year, is between €50 and €100 excluding delivery).

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The details

Word of mouth also works very well when selling firewood. In the city and especially in the countryside you regularly come across advertisements from private individuals offering firewood.

The advantage : The stere’s price is often well below the prices offered by the major brands or the National Forestry Office. In addition, sellers sometimes offer delivery, which is a plus if you don’t have enough to transport the wood.

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What if you go looking for your firewood yourself? This ancestral practice (which dates back to the Middle Ages) consists of taking wood directly from common property. This right is granted to the inhabitants of a municipality by decision of the town hall. Usually the blurrifier has to pay a small amount to the municipality. Of course, the amount of wood must be motivated and thus in accordance with your needs. [1]

The advantage : you will understand, this solution is the most ecological. However, it can be dangerous, so if you decide to source the firewood yourself, be careful and responsible by protecting yourself from head to toe.

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Please note that it is also possible to buy firewood on the internet. But be careful, if you choose this option, keep in mind that fraud is common. You also do not always know where the wood comes from. And wood that comes from far and is cut too much is not ecological.

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