What to plant in April in the vegetable garden? Here is the list of sowing and planting of the month.

That’s it, spring is back! And who says the arrival of the beautiful days, says maintenance of the garden. But what should be planted in the vegetable garden in April? Notice to green handshere is a small summary of the sowing and planting of the month.

  • Carrot (seedling)
  • Broad bean (seedling)
  • Radish (seedling)
  • Celery (sowing under shelter)
  • Cabbage (sowing under shelter)
  • Lettuce (sowing under shelter)
  • pea (seedling)
  • Leek (seedling under shelter)
  • Garlic (plantation)
  • Potato (plantation)

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What to sow in April in the vegetable garden?


Want to taste carrots from the garden this summer? That’s good, it’s time to sow the seeds. This must-have vegetable should be grown in cool, rich, well-drained soil. After preparing the soil, space the rows 30 cm apart and sow the seeds in grooves 2 cm deep. Thin regularly to keep only the most resistant plants. Water, hoe and mulch in June and harvest from July to September. [1]


What to plant in April in the vegetable garden? Celery of course, but then under a shelter (frame, greenhouse or container at home). Sow your seeds on the fly in a punctured container, cover with soil and spray. Seedlings should be transplanted into pots in May or June. [2]


Sow cabbage in April under a shelter to prevent damage to the plants by spring frost. To do this, follow the same steps as for celery. Transplanting is done when the plants have between 3 and 5 leaves (between July and August). [3]


Growing fava beans is quite easy and takes place from February to April for spring sowing. To grow this green vegetable, place a seed every 30 cm in grooves 5 cm deep. Recap and cup. Once the seeds germinate, remove the “weeds” to help the seedlings develop. [4]

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Looking for which vegetables to plant in April? You can sow the essential lettuce in a row under cover in a furrow about 1 cm deep or spread out. However, keep in mind that lettuce is water intensive, so remember to water it regularly. [5]


Peas can be sown from October to November or from February to April. So don’t wait too long before putting it in the ground. To do this, bury the seeds 3 cm deep and space the plants 30 to 40 cm apart. Remember to place it on a hill after lifting to promote good anchorage to the ground and better resistance to the wind. [6]


March to May is the ideal time to sow leeks. You will be able to taste it all autumn in soup, gratin, in a pan, in salad… For sowing, follow the same steps as for vegetables grown under shelter (celery, lettuce…). [7]


What to plant in April in the vegetable garden? Why not a radish to enjoy as an aperitif or in a salad this summer? To avoid spring frosts, sow them under cover. In addition, know that you can also grow them in a garden (for more information, see here). For successful seeding, choose a pierced container and place clay balls or small pebbles on the bottom. After that, put the potting soil and sow a seed every 2 cm. Cover with soil, water and thin if necessary. [8]

What to plant in April in the vegetable garden?


Did you know that garlic is planted in the ground or in a pot in the fall (from October to November) or in the spring (from March to April)? So it’s time to put your hands on the ground. To do this, dig the furrows in a line about 3cm deep, 15cm apart and 30cm apart for the rows. Arrange the cloves tip (ie bud) up, cover with soil and water. [9]

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Finally, you can plant potatoes from March to April. But before putting them in the ground, it is advisable to germinate the tubers in a cool and bright place. On D-day, dig a 15 cm deep groove and place the tuber every 30 to 40 cm in the bottom of the hole, with the sprout pointing up, and cover with soil. Water regularly and remember to hill when the plants are about eight inches high. [10]

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