What is the Green VTE, this contract for young people looking for meaning?

Have you ever heard of VTE Green? no ? And you are not alone! Largely unknown to students and employers, this Territorial Volunteer in Green Business has everything to please. Designed to enable young people to enter a work-study program or a first job, it also provides small businesses with tools to accelerate their environmental transition. Presentation.

Specifically, this green variant of Territorial Volunteering in Business allows students and young graduates (BAC + 3 minimum) to find a work-study program (minimum 10 months), a CDD (of at least one year) or a CDI in a SME or a medium-sized company (ETI). The only requirement: the item must be directly related to environmental issues such as waste disposal, the circular economy, renewable energies, the reduction of the carbon footprint or the protection of biodiversity…

A program that is just as attractive for students as it is for companies. Indeed, for each signed contract, SMEs and ETIs receive a bonus of 8,000 euros, reassessed in January 2022 at 12,000 euros. Enough to give entrepreneurs involved in the ecological and energy transition a boost. “This support helps to finance the costs directly related to the assignment entrusted to the young person: fees, tuition fees, etc. It wants to encourage companies to participate in the process and to trust young people.” specifies Arnaud Leroy, the CEO of Ademe who brings the device with the Ministry of Labor to our colleagues from echoes

An unknown solution

However, a year after the launch of the system proposed under the government plan A Young One Solution, the results are still mixed… The target of 500 contracts signed per year is far from being achieved with the 100 recruitments made by 2021 via FTE Green.

“We are not really surprised by this start, however, infuriates Guillaume Mortelier, executive director in charge of supporting Bpifrance, the public investment bank that finances the system. The health crisis and tensions in the supply chain, especially in industry, have presented SMEs / ETIs with shorter term challenges. They are just beginning to understand environmental transition issues and have no vision of the business opportunities they can generate.”

In addition to a calendar problem, the VTE Groen also seems to be suffering from a serious lack of publicity. Few students or entrepreneurs are aware of its existence. Minh Cuong Le Quan, Director of Staterre, has just recruited an intern through VTE Vert for the position of Forest Edible Project Manager.

Asked by Les Echos, he trusts “I came across it by chance during my research, when the device really deserved a lot more visibility and well-known. † Indeed, in his case it is this financial boost “which started job creation. The energy and fresh look of this young man, directly attached to the management, devoted exclusively to this subject, is a first welcome reinforcement to accelerate things. †

A device that deserves fame!

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