88% of the French population think there is no age to find love

Who said old people can’t love each other? Certainly not seniors! According to an OpinionWay survey conducted by the Ehpad Medicharme group before Valentine’s Day, love is cultivated at all ages, including after 60. No offense to young people, curiously more uncomfortable than their elders at the idea of ​​broaching the subject, especially when it comes to love stories between their grandparents.

According to this survey of 1,027 French people aged 18 and over, 51% of 18-24 year-olds and 34% of 25-34 year-olds admit they would probably react negatively if they heard that their grandfather or grandmother had a new life partner had. † A figure that decreases with age, however, as this share drops to 27%, when all age groups of respondents are taken into account.

“When it comes to love stories between their grandparents, or even their parents, young people are ultimately very old-fashioned, even millennials react quite negatively to that. Young people have a more conservative and less open view than their elders.”

Ronan Chastellier, sociologist

Life expectancy is getting longer… and the desire to love

Love and sexuality in the elderly, a taboo subject then? Perhaps among young people. But clearly not among French men and women over 65: 66% of them, on the contrary, think they can talk about it freely among themselves. Overall, 88% even think it is possible to fall in love, even during the last years of one’s life.

“This old belief that you can only have one real, long love story is being shattered by advances in medicine. Longevity allows you to fall in love with two, three, or even more in your life! Love stories are therefore made possible by this longer life expectancy. Stories that can sometimes extend to old people’s homes, those too are not safe from love at first sight.”emphasizes Ronan Chastellier.

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And sex too!

The mentality surrounding the sexuality of seniors also seems to be changing. According to 75% of the French population surveyed, the idea that older people have an active sexual life is more easily accepted today than yesterday!

“The over-65s are tolerant, open-minded and more relaxed about their age. They have a kind of existential tone that makes them believe in the possibility of a love affair. And if they’re in good physical health, that means their bodies are too! So why would they deprive themselves of sex? †assures Ronan Chastellier.

A study that finally gives rise to the adage ‘there is no age to love’. To continue, discover our interview on the sexuality of the elderly.

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