War in Ukraine: The video game industry calls for support for the Ukrainian people

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, the video game industry has been an example of solidarity. Immediately after the invasion, the industry joined Ukrainian citizens. And since then, many developers and publishers have mobilized to support organizations on the ground and help those displaced by the ongoing conflict. It must be said that Ukraine is one of the largest video game development centers in Europe. The video game industry employs thousands of people. In the studios located in the country, famous games were born such as Metro 2033, the series of immersive games Sherlock Holmes or STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl…

Since the bombings began, many companies in the sector have worked hard to locate, accommodate and financially help workers fleeing their countries. It was the Polish company 11 bit studios that started this huge momentum of solidarity. As early as February 24, she announced that all proceeds from the sale of her game This war of mine would be donated to the Polish Red Cross. In addition to financial support, the company has indicated that it will also support a logistics component by assisting its displaced workers in housing, infrastructure or jobs. Psychological support is provided for those left behind.

Since then, many other companies have followed suit, as Slate explains in this article.

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