War in Ukraine: refugee children in France are cared for in a crèche for free

While millions of people have fled Ukraine, solidarity is being organized in neighboring countries. In France, Ukrainian children will therefore be able to be cared for free of charge in a crèche, the National Family Allowance Fund reported on Tuesday, April 5. the Parisian

This measure was taken in response to the temporary protection system established by the European Union after the Russian army’s invasion of Ukraine. So it concerns “all children of persons under temporary protection, such as those who have fled Ukraine”Cnaf said in a statement. The cost of this treatment exceptional will be immediate at the expense of the child benefit funds† Nurseries with available places must report to the prefect of their department, underlined the Parisian

According to the CNaf, this unprecedented welcome will be beneficial for children to learn French. But it will also be for their parents. The idea is to enable them “mainly have rest time to focus on their procedures in France” for example in the area of ​​living or working.

36,000 displaced persons, registered in France

If it is plausible that other childcare facilities can accommodate children from Ukraine, the CNaf invites them to join the government platform: “I am committed to Ukraine”. The latter can also be used by companies and individuals who want to help people, men, women or children affected by this conflict.

In France, 36,000 people have been identified as fleeing Ukraine, according to government figures released Friday, April 1. the Parisian

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