War in Ukraine: 6 tips to get a business involved in humanitarian work

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, many companies have announced their commitment to the refugees and the Ukrainian people. Do you also want to contribute to a humanitarian cause with your company, but you are not sure how? Here are some options to explore.

The war in Ukraine has been at the center of attention since Russian president Vladmir Putin ordered the invasion of Ukraine in late February. Many companies have announced retaliatory measures against Russia. For example, Google, Meta or Twitter have blocked Russian public media from accessing internet users, while Apple has simply announced a boycott of the country. Other companies, such as H&M, preferred to close their stores in Ukraine to ensure the safety of their employees. In France, LVMH explained that it had provided financial and psychological support to its employees in Ukraine and had taken the opportunity to make an “initial” donation of 5 million euros to La-Croix-Rouge. Other luxury homes have since followed.

But it’s not just big corporations that can get involved in humanitarian work, be it for the Ukrainian people, foreign students, the Afghan people or the thousands of people fleeing their countries in hopes of escaping conflict, violence or discrimination. How to get involved? Here are some options to explore.

Give money

Many organizations take on the task of raising money to respond to an acute crisis or a deeper situation. The financial donation is a simple form of commitment that must be made as the associations and emergency funds exist. Depending on the structures you donate to, you can choose a particular battle to defend or let the professionals use your donations.

To help victims of the war in Ukraine, for example, the United Nations Refugee Agency, the Red Cross and Care have launched emergency funds. Like this article from the Figaro, it is better to refer to organizations known in France or closer to the locals that you want to help make your donations. At the risk of being scammed.

donate basic needs

Basic needs such as non-perishable foods (cans, instant soups), hygiene products and magazines, clothing, linen but also medical equipment (compresses, bandages, disinfectants: the Aide Association Medical Charity France-Ukraine provides a complete list of needs on its website).

Depending on your city and region, local associations can show you the way and/or deliver the products to the appropriate people. Do not hesitate to contact your town hall directly, which may have organized a collection. In Paris, for example, most will be open on Saturday, March 5 and some on Sunday, March 6, to pick up the basic necessities of Ukrainian and Ukrainian refugees.

Mobilize your employees internally

Organize an intercompany collection twice a year (or more often!) for an association, inform its employees internally and explain to them how they can be involved on a daily basis… An involved company has every interest in mobilizing its employees to maximize the impact on society and increase the sense of belonging. Quite a vicious circle if you know that recruitment and turnover are sometimes big themes in certain sectors such as auditing or catering.

Free up time for employees to volunteer

In fact, you can have your employees devote a few hours of their work time to volunteering. This is, for example, what structures like Friday or Télémaque offer.

Zero tolerance for “chosen solidarity”

Since the beginning of the Russian offensive in Ukraine, a form of “chosen solidarity” has been observed in certain media commentators or in the welcome policies of various countries. Racism and all forms of discrimination are punishable by law and as a company, manager or manager it is your duty to remember these principles and maintain zero tolerance for deviant behavior.

Hire refugees

Work is for many people a place of fulfillment and personal fulfillment. Integration is a major challenge for all refugees in an area. As a company, you can promote this integration by deciding to hire a refugee. To do this, you can go to a structure like Each One, which will find you the rare pearl.

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