VIDEO. Why is the human brain the enemy of the planet? Answer with this neurobiologist.

Species extinction, deforestation, fossil fuel extraction… Why do people deliberately destroy their own planet? Neurobiologist Sébastien Bohler asked himself the question and came to a rather disturbing conclusion: “humanity is psychopathic”. explanation.

HumanPsycho was published on January 27 by Bouquins and is part of the collection of Sébastien Bohler. In most of his works, this scientific journalist and doctor of neuroscience analyzes how our brains drive us to destroy the planet. In this new book, he tries to explain why people keep sabotaging themselves.

Starting from the principle that all humanity is human, Sébastien Bohler realized that our collective brain had the profile of a psychopath:

  • Sense of superiority over other species
  • Tendency to exploit nature and all the resources around it
  • Lack of empathy for non-humans (animals, plants, etc.)
  • Do not measure the consequences of his actions

Invited to the set of Yann Barthès, this Wednesday, February 9, the neurobiologist went straight to the point by sharing his concerns about the world afterwards.

“I am not optimistic at all. I’m here to diagnose. There is no cure without a diagnosis. †

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“Within a group there is very quickly a tendency to stigmatize the other and to lose this empathy towards those who are part of the external group. […] The fact that today we can slaughter millions of animals per second, decipher a football field per second in the jungles of the Amazon or elsewhere, extract hundreds of millions of gallons of oil to power our economy. †

“The non-human has lost the bond of empathy that our ancestors had millions of years ago. There are numerous leaders who have accelerated this process of destruction and rupture of humanity from nature. […] Humans have long had the drive to stand out and say: ‘I am different, I am above animals, above plants’. †

“Let’s separate the aggressor from the victim. We’re going to say humanity is psychopathic, we’re going to put it behind bars, so cut off all communication between the human world and the non-human world. This means moving towards total urbanization, limiting exchanges between man and nature, making nature parks, oil wells more and more sacred…”

A valuable speech.

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