To combat stress, the French population turns to family and loved ones

Two years after the start of the pandemic, the French population still seems stressed, if not more so. One thing that particularly affects the quality of sleep and physical activity. To remedy this difficult situation, the French men and women have chosen not to turn to sports, but to their families and loved ones, a refuge that has become important.

Sleep, physical inactivity, isolation, anxiety… As we have seen in recent months, the pandemic is causing a deterioration in the physical and mental condition of populations around the world. And if recent studies have shown that some are gradually returning to wellness, it seems others are still struggling with a situation that never ends. That’s according to a new Ifop survey for Fitbit*, which found in particular that six in 10 people believe they have been stressed in the past six months, compared to 54% in June.

One thing doesn’t change though, women are still the most affected by stress (68%), just like the younger generations. Two-thirds of those under the age of 35 (66%) appear to be particularly exposed to stress. A figure that even rises to 70% for 18-24 year olds, a generation that has been hit hard by the difficulties caused by the pandemic.

Sleeping at half-mast, sedentary life is increasing

If many French women and men have started physical activities at home or outside the home during the first delivery, it seems that these New Year’s resolutions are no longer relevant. More than four in ten people (43%) say they will have reduced their physical activity by 2021, with again a majority of women (47%) and young people aged 18 to 24 (57%). Another consequence of stress is sleep. Nearly one in two people (48%) report a decline in the quality of their sleep in recent months.

Two things that led respondents to rethink their daily routine (62%), without finding the right formula for optimal well-being (42%).

The family, a safe bet

To combat stress, you might think that people are considering solutions to improve the quality of their sleep, or to combat a sedentary lifestyle. It’s not. To take care of themselves, the French today want to spend more time with their family and loved ones, by as much as 31%, which shows their desire to focus on the essentials again. In spite of everything, this is followed by the practice of a physical activity (22%) and, far behind, the initiation to meditation and personal development (5%).

It remains to be seen for these new resolutions to make their way as to date, almost three quarters of the French population (72%) say they are stressed for both their future and that of their family. Parents seem to be most concerned about this: only 4% of them don’t feel stressed thinking about the future.

* The Ifop-Fitbit survey ‘The French and stress’ was conducted online, between January 11 and 13, 2022, with a representative sample of 1,006 French people aged 18 and over.

(ETX Daily Up)

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