VIDEO. When two teenagers meet on the net: a beautiful place with deceptive appearances

How to make children aware of the dangers of communication via the Internet? This complex yet essential topic is not easy for parents. So to get the message across, a Spanish mobile operator had a good idea: stage a “love story” between two teenagers.

Mia and Alejandro meet on social networks. The boy and girl start exchanging messages and then pictures. The two teenagers seem to like each other and then decide to meet in a park. He would wear a black coat and she a pink one. However, at the moment of the meeting, it is the shock…

A “love story” like so many… (Movistar)

A campaign with a very surprising autumn coming to us from Mexico. Watch carefully until the end.

Posted by Culture Pub on Tuesday 29 March 2022

The young girl in the story discovers her lover. It is an elderly man who is himself facing an old gentleman dressed in pink. “Thousands of adults pretend to be children to sleep with others. There are so many that they could meet.”we can then read on the screen, followed by a message addressed to the children:

Don’t accept anyone’s request, not everyone is your friend

With this commercial, recently pulled from the drawers of Culture Pub’s Facebook page but whose original publication dates back to 2017, the operator has one goal: to make young people aware of “grooming”, ie the fact for an adult person “making sexual proposals to a minor under the age of fifteen or to a person who presents himself as such by means of an electronic means of communication”remember The internet news† This offense is punishable by two years in prison and a fine of 30,000 euros.

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