VIDEO. “We must free Olivier Dubois”: the call for mobilization of “And everyone doesn’t care”

In April, journalist Olivier Dubois is detained in Mali for a year. But if we unite our voices, the French hostage may have a chance to be released. In support of their “brother”, the authors of the series And nobody cares take the floor.

Axel Lattuada, Fabrice de Boni and Marc de Boni are the authors of the famous web series with almost 670,000 subscribers on YouTube. This Tuesday, February 7, the shock trio posted their new episode And nobody cares† A somewhat special episode since it is entirely devoted to Olivier Dubois, the only French hostage in the world. A symbolic choice for the brothers Fabrice and Marc who know personally the journalist who was imprisoned in April 2021 by an armed terrorist group in northern Mali.

“Olivier Dubois is someone we know personally. With Olivier we all lived together, under the same roof, within our family. To us he is like a brother. After our father died, he brought life to our family home for years. Because Olivier is someone who listens and loves. †

In this new episode, Axel Lattuada, Fabrice and Marc de Boni call on their community to support the French hostage. Goal ? “Reach the impossible so that Olivier Dubois hears this message wherever it is!” Because thanks to this wave of solidarity, the journalist, but also ‘friend, father, husband, brother and son’ may have a chance to be released soon.

And nobody cares #SPECIAL – Olivier Dubois –

WARNING! We need you to achieve the impossible so that Olivier Dubois hears about this message wherever it is! Olivier has not been allowed to move since April 8, 2021. It has been more than 300 days since we learned of his kidnapping, in northern Mali, while he was doing his job as a journalist in the field. He is our very dear friend, but first and foremost a father, a husband, a brother, a son. He needs to know that we are all behind him. Share, comment, like so the video is seen all the way to the Sahel desert! You can also follow Free Olivier Dubois’s account, so we’re counting on you! Thank you ❤ #FreeOlivierDubois #TjenbéOlivier

Posted by And Nobody cares on Monday 7 February 2022


“If you’re watching this video, Olivier, he’s somewhere, very far from home. And we can’t imagine what he’s really going through right now. What interests us is that he will come back safe and sound, and not for too long. †

“For the first time since the series was created, the clicks, likes, coms and shares of this video can really make a difference for him. […] Because the more his case is exposed and supported, the more it will be covered and perhaps soon released. †

“As long as we remain able to care for our fellow human beings, we can continue to hope to live in a better world. †

On January 6, Olivier Dubois’ relatives launched a petition to raise public awareness and call on heads of state for concrete and immediate action. You can also support it by writing to the address [email protected] or by signing the petition.

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