Do you want to start running? 11 tips to adopt and mistakes to avoid when starting out.

Do you want to lose weight, surpass yourself or just decompress? Every year running brings in new and new followers. But the practice of this sport cannot be improvised. So, to avoid hurting yourself and stay motivated, here are the mistakes you shouldn’t make and the advice to keep your wits about you.

Running: the (common) mistakes to avoid

Running with sneakers

The common mistake is to run in sneakers. Because contrary to what one might think, these sporty-looking shoes are not suitable for running. And it is not for nothing that their damping is often less, which can cause pain in the joints. So, to avoid hurting yourself on your first outing, put on some good sneakers (and don’t have to spend astronomical amounts on a pair of sneakers).

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Setting too difficult goals

That’s it, are you ready to go for a run? When your motivation is at its peak, your body needs time to adjust to this new rhythm of life. The common mistake, therefore, is to focus on objects that are nearly impossible to reach. Example: Run every day and for as long as possible. Yes, if you want to do too much, you risk hurting and disgusting yourself. For starters, prefer small sessions (10 to 20 minutes), no more than once or twice a week.

Do not warm up

Rule number 1 after putting on your pair of sneakers: warm up well. Goal ? Prepare your muscles for the effort. To do this, walk (or run at a slow pace) for ten minutes. Only after this run can you start your session with more intensity. This way you avoid injuries (which unfortunately often occur when you start).

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run too fast

Another common mistake when you start running: wanting to go as fast as possible to catch up. But remember that this is new to you and your muscles are not used to it yet. On the contrary, it is better to listen to your body and develop your stamina while feeling comfortable practicing this sport.

Listen to your body

As you will have understood, the most important thing is to listen to your body when you start running (In addition, this rule applies to everyday life). If you experience tendon or joint pain, rest for a day or two, or more if needed. If presence is important, rest is just as important. So be patient!

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recover badly

Cooling down is just as important as warming up. Therefore, after your session, it is necessary to stretch properly to avoid aches and pains. To do this, stretch your whole body well and do not hesitate to walk for a few minutes after the race. Also don’t forget to hydrate well BEFORE and AFTER training. And for optimal recovery, be sure to stagger exercise sessions.

Running: the (simple) advice to adopt

Prefer hiking trails

You may not know it, but some trails are not recommended when you start running. This is the case with paved roads that have a bad reputation. Repeated impacts on hard ground are indeed cruel to our joints. So, for a good start, prefer unpaved or sandy roads.

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Vary the circuits

To maintain good motivation, it is better to vary the pleasures and sensations. So don’t hesitate to switch tracks whenever you feel like it. Also, starting too hard can quickly become discouraged. So we forget the steep slopes and prefer the small paths by the sea or in the forest, for example.

Alternate running and walking

If you are overweight or have been upset with exercise for several years, it is best to start slowly by alternating between running and walking (fast or slow, as you feel). Your joints will thank you.

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Make a schedule and stick to it

Starting with running is good, but persisting is much better. And to stay motivated, create a simple and attractive program. Example: running on Wednesday and Saturday, even in the rain. The weather should not (reasonably of course) prevent you from exercising.

Make sure you are well equipped

Have you enjoyed running and want to outdo yourself? Why not invest in a watch or a stopwatch (no need to spend tens or tens of euros) This small purchase will help you progress and be more regular.

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Here you have all the cards in hand to get started! So, in place, ready, go!

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