VIDEO. War in Ukraine: Hiding in a cellar, this violinist delivers a great moment of emotion

Music brings people together and is a source of comfort. The proof is that since the beginning of the Russian military invasion, the Ukrainian people have resorted to this art that is so beautiful and so powerful in times of war. Last example, the moving performance of this violinist.

Since February 24, 2022, the date when Russia entered the war, Ukrainians have been hiding in underground shelters to escape the bombing. In Kharkov, a city particularly devastated by the bombs, women, men and children have settled in a cellar. Among them is violinist Vera Lytovchenko.

To warm the hearts of refugees who, like them, are desperately waiting for the end of the fighting, the musician regularly plays her instrument. It’s also the only way for her to stay in touch with her loved ones, thanks to the comments posted below her videos.

This Wednesday 2 March the artist and violin teacher performed What a moonlit night, a piece full of emotion. The scene, filmed and shared on social networks, has already been seen by nearly 2 million internet users around the world.

Look :

“It’s very hard right now to play and think about anything other than war. But I decided I had to do something. We became a family in this basement and when I played they cried. They forget the war for a while and thinking of something else.”

Vera Lytovchenko, quoted by the guard

Music is undoubtedly a precious escape.

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