VIDEO. War in Ukraine: Behind the Scenes of an Exceptional Convoy Organized by a Baker

Solidarity has been organized across Europe since the beginning of the war in Ukraine. Mobilization supported by NGOs, but not only… There are countless stories of individuals making long journeys to pick up friends at the Ukrainian border, sometimes even renting a bus to help as many people as possible. This time it is a baker from Besançon who is making headlines thanks to the exceptional convoy he organized in just a few days. Thanks to him, a total of 24 trucks were able to deliver 200 cubic meters of supplies to Ukrainian male and female refugees in Przeworsk, on the Polish border.

It is not the first time that Stéphane Ravacley, a baker in Besançon, has been mentioned in the media. A year ago, the craftsman went on a hunger strike to demand the regularization of his student, who was threatened with deportation. This time it is a real solidarity movement that the baker has managed to bring about.

Just a week after the call on social networks, thanks to the generosity of individuals and the efforts of a hundred volunteers, the team managed to fill 24 trucks loaned for the occasion with medical equipment, food and clothing. In total, 200 cubic meters of supplies were delivered to the Ukrainian border. On site, the Red Cross was responsible for receiving donations.

The report broadcast on France 3 shows behind the scenes of this exceptional operation:

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