VIDEO. Unemployed because of refusal of intensive farming, a farmer testifies

For the well-being of his animals, Francis, who has been a poultry farmer for 36 years, has decided to fight against the agri-food system. A bold choice, in keeping with his values, which today deprives him of his exploitation. explanation.

Three and a half years ago, Francis Guilloteau lost his contract with the Terrena agricultural cooperative. The reason ? He refused to increase the number of poultry per square meter, as requested by this cooperative group that is one of the main players in agriculture and agri-food in France. As a result, his farm is now empty and the breeder finds himself in technical unemployment.

“It’s a system to cuff the breeder. We have absolutely no control over the situation, because at the level of the cooperatives and operators they have all the power. It is a monopoly that is well structured. †

Francis Guilloteau, interviewed by Raw

To defend his position, Francis Guilloteau decided to break the silence in front of the camera publicly, as few peasants dare to do. Objective: to denounce intensive breeding of chickens.

Florian Thomas, journalist for Raw, collected his testimony and conducted his research to better understand the “issue” of this agri-food system. We let you discover the answer of the agricultural cooperative Terrena:

A poultry farmer at war with the intensive model

“A chicken that lives on the surface of an A4 sheet. We have to stop that.” Breeder, Francis did not want to give in to industrialists and refused to engage in intensive farming. At war against the agri-food system, he testifies.

Posted by Brut on Tuesday 22 February 2022


“To make this type of building profitable, you have to put the maximum number of poultry per square meter and thus achieve maximum meat yield, so that the breeder can pay for his building, his electricity costs and any other charges. †

“There is no breeder coming forward, because it only takes a breeder or a group to come forward, and automatically they will organize to tell them, ‘Tomorrow we won’t put any more poultry in your square foot’. »

A valuable testimonial.

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