VIDEO. To save their farm, they create a cabaret: the Folies Fermières

In the small village of Guarrigues, near Toulouse, David Caumette and his wife Laetitia fight to save the family farm, the last one in town. Seven years ago, the couple decided to diversify their activities in a rather original way: creating the first cabaret on the farm in France. The “Folies Fermières” were born.

In the morning the couple takes on their role as breeder, in the afternoon customers can discover the farm during an educational visit and taste their products during the dinner before the show. Finally the lights go out and the show begins, orchestrated by the master of the place, 4th generation who operate the family farm.

It’s a bittersweet story, that of a couple of farmers who, like many others, struggle to keep their farm alive, but also a story full of joy, madness and resilience.

Raw went on site to film this slightly wacky project that shows the power of love for the farming profession and the energy of a couple full of imaginative ideas.

Meanwhile… – He saves his farm by setting up a cabaret on his farm

To save his family business, David had a somewhat crazy idea: to set up a cabaret on his farm, “Les Folies fermières”, and meanwhile in Garrigues in the Tarn…

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