VIDEO. To break the isolation, this association transports the elderly by tricycle

For some seniors, moving is an obstacle course. Pain, fatigue, disabilities… Many obstacles can prevent them from leaving their home, which increases their dependence and also exposes them to considerable loneliness. To help them, the Skylett association had an ingenious idea: to offer them free tricycle rides. Which gives them autonomy in their daily lives while promoting social bonds.

This initiative has been deployed in the cities of Lorient and Lanester (Brittany), for people over 60, reports The HuffPost† Launched in September 2021, the concept will allow this public to get from point A to point B for free, on board an electric tricycle specially equipped for the occasion. “Many people wait for someone close to them to be available to go to a medical appointment or elsewhere. (..;) This service gives them mobility again and allows them to be independent”, explains Élise Henry, initiator of this project for the Skylett association, interviewed by the HuffPost

Already 58 beneficiaries

To carry out its mission, the organization has six electric vehicles adapted to the different needs of the elderly, especially if they are in wheelchairs. Since its inception, the service has had 58 beneficiaries and 140 round trips have already been made. “Having a walker, having a walking stick, transportation such as the bus and train is difficult. This allows us to move faster in the city and beyond. It opened me up to other journeys that I couldn’t do anymore”Chantal, a seven-year-old follower of the scooter, rejoices.

Recreate social ties

Skylett’s service not only makes life easier for the elderly, but also allows them to strengthen social bonds. “They love to talk to their pedal rider”, reports Elise Henry. The porters and porters are not all the same age, so you can also vary in the pleasures and topics of conversation!

Unfortunately, since March 2022, the service has been put on hold due to lack of funding. “For the future, we are looking for other funding to support the service as it works very well. On the other hand, we want funding for all people with reduced mobility, not just those over 60”, confides Élise Henry. Objective: make agreements about the local bus network and offer trips for 1.50 euros.

Discover this solidarity and ingenious service through the report of the HuffPost

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