Are you a free carer? You get a double discount at the pump.

Self-employed caregivers are directly affected by rising fuel prices. And for good reason, like many employees, the car is their essential work tool. Faced with this galloping inflation, the Health Insurance has instituted an “exceptional financial aid”.

Since Friday 1 April, drivers enjoy a discount of 18 cents per liter of fuel for four months. State-funded temporary support to counter rising prices at the pump. As of Monday 25 April, healthcare professionals who have to travel to provide care to patients at home can also claim an extra discount with the Healthcare Insurance.

This increase in the travel and mileage allowance is 15 cents per liter of fuel. If we include government support, contracted care providers (nurses, physiotherapists, doctors, midwives, speech therapists, pedicurists/podologists, laboratory staff, orthoptists and dentists) receive a discount of at least 30 cents per litre.

“This comes down to valuing the fixed travel allowance by 4 cents and the invoiced kilometer allowance by 1 cent.

National Federation of Nurses (FNI), quoted by Le Figaro

As a reminder: this financial compensation has been demanded by the National Federation of Nurses (FNI) since this autumn.

The fighting spirit of the National Federation of Nurses is paying off! #IDEL #FNI

Posted by National Federation of Nurses – FNI on Monday, April 25, 2022

This exceptional support will take effect from today until July 31, 2022.

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