VIDEO. This Ukrainian pianist plays a farewell piece in her bombed-out house

It is a moving scene that speaks volumes about the violence of this war. Amid the rubble, this Ukrainian pianist played a farewell piece from her bombed-out house. One last privileged moment with his instrument before leaving the place…

Russian strikes in Ukraine are increasing, destroying everything in their path. Like many houses, the home of pianist Irina Maniukina, located in Bila Tserkva, in the Kiev region, was not spared by the bombs. On March 5, the musician found her house in ruins. Among all his rubble, something dear to him remained intact: his piano.

Before leaving the stage and seeking shelter from the bombing, Irina Maniukina played a few notes of Chopin. A strong and symbolic scene filmed and shared on TikTok by his daughter, Karina: “Let’s not judge, my mother is a professional pianist and decided to play to let this matter go” Since its publication, the video has been viewed by nearly two million people around the world. Look :


ет пользователю @catty.romanova

♬ original zvuk – karysia

At the end of this touching performance, Irina and her daughter Karina set out for Zhovkva, a Ukrainian city near the Polish border and currently spared by Russian troops.

A moving scene that recalls the beautiful and symbolic gesture of this woman, on the forecourt of the Lviv station.

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