VIDEO. At Bucharest train station, Tom Odell welcomes Ukrainian refugees by singing “Another Love”

Thousands of Ukrainian refugees have been arriving in Bucharest every day since the beginning of the Russian military invasion. Many of them have chosen this land of welcome awaiting the end of the fighting. Men, women, children and the elderly were greeted with music by singer Tom Odell upon their arrival at the station this weekend.

To escape and take shelter from the Russian forces, many Ukrainians cross their country, then Moldova, towards Romania. A country far from the bombings. To give a warm welcome to these thousands of refugees, Tom Odell has prepared a wonderful surprise for them.

This weekend, the British singer-songwriter set up his piano in the middle of Bucharest’s train station. It is with strong emotion that he resumed one of his biggest hits from 2012: Another love† A symbolic song because for the artist it is a hymn to all broken hearts. The performance was filmed and shared on Tom Odell’s Instagram account. Look :

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On his video, Tom Odell shared these few touching words in support of the Ukrainian people:

“I had the honor to sing Another Love at the Bucharest train station with many Ukrainian refugees. Thousands of Ukrainians fleeing the war pass through this station every day and many have been traveling for 3 days without rest, uprooted from their homes, possessions, jobs and families. Their world is turned upside down in unimaginable ways. They are mostly women, children and the elderly, but the most remarkable thing about all of them is their strong spirit, it’s amazing. They are terrifying.”

A supportive welcome full of emotion.

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