VIDEO. This foldable and modular house welcomes refugees and the most underprivileged

What is this funny construction straight out of a video game or a science fiction movie? No, it is not a model, but a futuristic house intended to house people in need. Explain this surprising and benevolent initiative.

After tiny houses and kit-houses, it is foldable housings’ turn to gain ground. In Iran, the sisters Gisue and Mojgan Hariri created an innovative and inspiring architectural firm called Hariri & Hariri Architecture. The concept: Imagine small modular origami homes that can accommodate up to four people.

Provide shelter to the most underprivileged

And if these PODS talk a lot about them these days, it’s because they’re fighting a major scourge in the world: homelessness. After all, it mainly concerns “social housing” for refugees and people in precarious situations. However, people who have fallen in love with these foldable houses can afford them as well.

These tiny homes are made entirely of Equitone panels (a mass-dyed material that creates a 3D relief) and glass. Once assembled (they are supplied collapsible and can be erected in just a few minutes using a crane), they offer an area of ​​46 m².

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If you are interested in these modules, know that you can mount them to take advantage of a larger surface area. Just go here to find out more.

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