Chevrolet, Ford: Legendary sports cars go electric

An icon of the American auto industry is about to go all-electric. Chevrolet announces that the next-generation Corvette will be electrified, first hybrid from 2023, then all-electric. A trend that can be found at Ford and other European manufacturers.

For its 70th birthday, celebrated in 2023, the Corvette is entering a new era. Chevrolet plans to launch an all-new four-wheel drive Corvette hybrid next year. The manufacturer has also posted a first video in which this car, which is still in the test phase, evolves on snow. A little later, a 100% electric model will be launched.

Ford, for its part, should make the same shift with its famous Mustang, whose next generation should also be hybrid. As a reminder, Ford has been marketing the Mustang Mach-E since 2020, an SUV that only bears “Mustang” in its name.

In any case, the conversion to electric of these iconic models is a very important new step for the democratization of the electric car in the United States, a country where the car is king. Note that other emblematic vehicles, European (and much less sporty), have already taken the plunge, such as the Fiat 500, the Mini and soon the R5.

(ETX Daily Up)

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