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VIDEO. This dog communicates with its owner thanks to a solid carpet

Who has never dreamed of being able to communicate with their animal? Unusual as it may seem, this young Frenchwoman has found a way through an ingenious soundtrack. Because of this, his dog is now free to express his wishes and needs.

Photo: hello_cocospoken

Coco understands and can “speak” 34 words such as “eat”, “play” or even “cuddle”. And no, Coco is not a child, but an 11 month old Border Collie. The animal owes this surprising peculiarity to its mistress Meiyun Xu. The young woman is a doctoral student of linguistics at the University of Burgundy and has decided to use her many skills to create an innovative system: a sound mat adapted to her dog.

This object consists of several push buttons, each associated with a specific word. Goal ? Let Coco express herself at any time of the day by pressing the right button. And after a few months of learning, the results are already there! Today, the animal knows how to demand special attention, such as a caress, to indicate a toy it needs or even to express an emotion, such as the love it has for its owner.

Meiyun Xu shares the progress of her four-legged friend on social networks, as evidenced by these three stunning videos:

Coco wants to go out

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A post shared by Coco (@hello_cocospoken)

Coco wants to play

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A post shared by Coco (@hello_cocospoken)

Coco wants to eat

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A post shared by Coco (@hello_cocospoken)

To scientists who study animal language, Coco’s idiosyncrasy comes as no surprise. According to the various studies that have been conducted, some dogs can even process up to a thousand words.

Coco still has many months of learning ahead of them… To discover all the videos, go here.

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