VIDEO. “There are more people who want to fire the Arabs than people who want to save the trees”

These first round results feel like deja vu, don’t they? Five years after the last presidential election, Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen are once again neck and neck. But what should we take away from these voices? Here’s a snappy little debrief by Waly Dia.

27.8% for Emmanuel Macron, 23.1% for Marine Le Pen, 22% for Jean-Luc Mélanchon, 7.1% for Éric Zemmour and 4.8% for Valérie Pécresse. Here are the results of the top five candidates for the 2022 presidential election. For comedian and humorist Waly Dia, these votes say a lot about the evolution of the political landscape in France. A slowly decomposing landscape.

The day after the first round, the artist continued France Inter. In a biting and humorous column, he ironically addresses the current situation by targeting politicians, voters and the media.

“Zemmour 7%, Jadot 4%. So there are more people who want to fire the Arabs than people who want to save the trees.

Look :


“In any case, this first round will have brought us in agreement on one thing, the polls, we’re quitting. Zemmour given at 17%, Précresse wins in the second round, the institutes close with a bit of dignity without a starting pot.

“Pécresse went from richer in the countryside to poorer. She will discover the life of many French people: being overdrawn, not paying her credit and the bailiffs show up. She has so much more money than if she voted today, I think she would vote Poutou.”

“They make fun of us to the point that Castex took a private jet to vote. It costs us 10,000 bales of government money plus 4 tons of CO2 because filling out a proxy is not a bad thing.”

“We would also like to thank the journalists, the editorial writers, the putaclic food bowls who strike a serious note because they have a pen in their hand as they roll out a carpet of far-right ideas in hopes of getting public. sell ad space of cars that no one can buy.”

“Doesn’t this country deserve better than far-right blackmail with a standard elected president? Doesn’t this country deserve better than some carpet journalists who are incapable of contradiction?

A sour and biting chronicle.

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