Nivea launches the first facial designed using greenhouse gases

German giant Beiersdorf, parent company of many beauty brands including Nivea, announces the launch of the first-ever cosmetic product containing recycled CO2. A feat made possible thanks to a technology aimed at capturing and recycling carbon dioxide, which will be used in the Nivea Men Climate Care Moisturizer moisturizing cream.

The cosmetics industry is gradually shifting to vegetable, and that’s good news. While many brands are paying more and more attention to the choice of packaging for their favorite products, as well as the raw materials used for formulas that are more respectful of the skin and the environment, others are going even further by turning to new technologies. This is the case with the German group Beiersdorf, which has been working on a moisturizing cream based on recycled CO2.

The Nivea Men brand will be the first in the group to benefit from this innovative technology. At stake ? A moisturizer containing an ingredient obtained from recycled carbon dioxide. A major challenge that the group has taken on thanks to a CO2 capture and recycling process. Specifically, the carbon dioxide was first collected in various places, such as industrial chimneys, and then fed to a bioreactor where it was transformed into cosmetic ethanol.

Nivea Men Climate Care Moisturizer will be available in limited edition on the German market from June and is formulated with 14% ethanol obtained from alternative methods and contains no microplastics, silicones or mineral oils. The care, from packaging to end of life, is designed with respect for the environment. The Beiersdorf Group claims to be climate neutral and is designed using electricity from renewable sources. As icing on the cake, the formula is almost completely biodegradable, while the packaging is recyclable. With this launch, the German group is pursuing its goals of significantly reducing its CO2 emissions by 2025.

Although this is the first treatment designed with recycled CO2, another industry, that of perfume, is also working on a similar process. The giant Coty recently announced its intention to use ethanol from the same process for its perfumes. In another registry, California start-up Newlight Technologies has developed a biomaterial with a negative carbon balance, AirCarbon, from greenhouse gases, which is mainly used for the production of eyewear or leather goods.

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