VIDEO. The man who whispered horses in the ear is real: he lives in the Camargue

Jean François Pignon is a grower like no other. In the Camargue, he works with his horses in complete freedom thanks to a communication method he has developed over the years. France 3 devoted a report to him.

The Horse Whisperer

The Horse Whisperer is real! Meeting with Jean François Pignon, a unique trainer 🐴 Must Not Dream in Camargue, repeated on ▶

Posted by France 3 on Wednesday 11 May 2022

Anyone who has ever seen Robert Redford’s famous movie, The Horse Whisperer, just remember: Jean François Pignon is a breeder in real life. Forerunner in the discipline of working in freedom, he also performed in equestrian shows in France and abroad, teaches us The Canal Press

Jean François Pignon was still a child when he met Gazelle, a bought filly “for a pittance” By his father. He weaves an unfailing friendship with the little mare who accompanies him everywhere, even to school! His love for horses was born.

Today, the breeder offers internships for those who want to learn breeding techniques through hand or free range work. His goal ? Create a new relationship between man and horse.

“The horse speaks to you with its breath. He wants to come and feel yours, feel your peace. They have a way of detecting our emotions… In fact you can’t lie to a horse. We are in front of a horse like an open book. †

Jean-François Pignon for France 3

A report that questions our relationship with animals: What if it was the horses that whispered in people’s ears?

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