After the suspended coffee, here is the suspended panties to help the most precarious of women

You may be familiar with the concept of suspended coffee, this practice whereby customers of an establishment can pre-pay for a caffeinated beverage to serve to a stranger. Available in baguette, soup, book, this practice now extends to our wardrobe. For example, the platform for ethical fashion, WeDressFair, has set up its hanging panties.

In a post on LinkedIn, the platform’s co-founder, Marie Nguyen, shares the reflection behind this solidarity initiative:

“In 2016 I got involved in associations where we connect with disadvantaged people to introduce them to the La Cloche network of solidarity traders. I meet women on the street and their stories touch me. The only thing I can give them is a listening ear and new underwear.”

Why new underwear? Because “Underwear donations are often thrown away for reasons of hygiene and dignity”the entrepreneur replies. “So associations have to buy new things and get their stocks as quickly as possible (often in fast fashion) for reasons of cost and time.”

Problems: fast fashion is not the best ally of the environment and human rights. Associations also do not have underwear to give to their beneficiaries. Textile actors could help people in very precarious situations to dress with dignity.

Price of the hanging panties: 3 euros

It is for all these reasons that WeDressFair seems to have launched its concept of hanging panties.

Marie Nguyen:

◾ To achieve this, we have brought together a group of responsible underwear brands, who offer us discounts, in order to provide our underwear of the highest quality.
◾ Hanging panties cost €3,- with no additional purchase obligation.
◾ WeDressFair is committed to sending a package of new underwear to Samu Social de Paris every month.

To participate in the solidarity action, go to the WeDressFair website.

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