VIDEO. The cook of this school canteen has three Michelin stars

What would you say if a three-star chef cooked for your kids? Does that seem difficult to achieve? However, in this Haute-Loire village, schoolgirls and schoolboys taste the dishes of a three-star restaurant in the Michelin Guide every day.

No more meals in trays and make way for healthy, local and seasonal products. In the commune of Saint-Bonnet-le-Froid, in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Régis Marcon, world-renowned chef and very attached to his Auvergne roots, cooks every lunch for his clients and students. A surprising bet that the 3-star chef and Bocuse d’or 1995 took.

“I’m not saying I would have done it 30 years ago, but now I couldn’t miss it because it’s our duty that our kids eat the best they can.”

Régis Marcon, interviewed by France 3

At lunchtime, the children leave their classrooms to go to the Hôtel de Régis. A quality meal that no longer costs the parents: a starter, a main course and a dessert pay only 4 euros. What else do you want? And that’s not all, the chef also teaches schoolboys and schoolgirls the importance of eating well. Together they wander through the vegetable garden to discover the different seasonal fruits and vegetables, as well as plants and herbs that the youngest are not yet familiar with.

View this excerpt from the report Carrots and wingsCertainly France 3

A star chef in the canteen!

In Haute-Loire, three-star chef Régis Marcon runs the school canteen in his village to teach students how to eat well! Roots and Wings, it’s tomorrow at 21:10!

Posted by France 3 on Tuesday 15 March 2022

One thing is for sure, these kids are lucky! The report will air on France 3 next Wednesday, March 16 at 9:05 PM. For more information, go here.

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