At the “Feather Weight Sanctuary” laboratory animals are entitled to a second life

The “Featherweight Sanctuary” is not a sanctuary like the others. Located in Ventouse, in the Charente, it is one of the few institutions specializing in the care of new pets (NAC). Goats, pigs, rabbits, chickens, mice… In total, almost 120 animals have been rescued by the organization active in the care and protection of these animals, which are often abused, abandoned or taken from laboratories. Goal: to offer them a new peaceful life, after a difficult past.

Typhaine Genty and her husband have always been close to animals. Sensitive to their purpose, they decided in 2015 to create their association to collect animals from different backgrounds before putting them up for adoption. In 2021 their structure will officially become a permanent shelter for these beasts: the “Featherweight Sanctuary”. Located in Ventouse (Charente), on the edge of a forest, this refuge covers almost 6,000 m2 and is one of the few reserves in France dedicated to new pets (NAC), as the reports 20 minutes

Indeed, the structure specializes in the care of rodents, lagomorphs and small animals, but there are also pigs, guinea pigs, chickens, goats and sheep. Only dogs and cats cannot find refuge there, not being NAC. 120 animals have already moved to the “featherweight reserve”, and most of them have experienced difficult living conditions before.

Giving a second life to laboratory animals or abused animals

The shelter works in particular with the Graal association, which specializes in the shelter of laboratory animals.“We found pigs that had been subjected to cream skin testing and mice that were mainly used for behavioral studies”explains Typhaine Genty to: 20 minutes† The shelter has already collected 140 mice and six pigs from labs.“When it comes to cats and dogs, there are many shelters that take them in, but for the NACs, it’s more difficult”confides the co-founder of the sanctuary.

The Featherweight Sanctuary also recovers animals that have been abandoned, retired from pet stores, or seized by appropriate authorities for abuse. For example, there is a chinchilla of clandestine breeding, rabbits that have been left in a box at the shelter or even a goat that has been in a meadow for two years and whose limb had to be amputated. The organization has now made a prosthesis for him and is working on getting the animal used to it. For all these animals, Typhaine Genty, her husband, the caretakers and volunteers work on the same mission: to provide them with a peaceful life.

Call for donations to avoid closure

In order to achieve their goal, the owners of the sanctuary had to carry out a lot of work through their care and now they have to hire caretakers. Problem: A sudden drop in subsidies threatens their future. The Featherweight Sanctuary has made an appeal for donations to raise the $12,000 needed for its operation and thus avoid closure. The jar is open through Friday.

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