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VIDEO. Shirt open on a hairy chest, Jimmy Fallon laughs at Emmanuel Macron

Emmanuel Macron’s hair isn’t done talking yet! The photo of the candidate president after his meeting in Marseille, slumped on a couch, shirt open, even shines over the Atlantic Ocean. Last night she inspired American comedian Jimmy Fallon in a sketch of the Tonight Show

We now know it well: no detail is left to chance with the presidential candidates. This rule also applies to the style of clothing. This is why Emmanuel Macron’s shirt has three open buttons: in a photo taken last Saturday by Soazig de la Moissonnière, we see the outgoing president slumped on a couch, with a hilarious face and a furry coat on his back. chest uncovered.

Soazig de la Moissonnière is the official photographer of Emmanuel Macron. From that point on, everyone wondered what message this laxity was conveying: several British media outlets, in particular, questioned whether this wasn’t an electoral strategy.

Jimmy Fallon, American comedian and broadcaster The Tonight Show, seized this opportunity to make fun of Emmanuel Macron. In a video broadcast by the Huffington Post, he imitates the candidate for president by pressing the song. On the menu: sweet voice, hairy chest, baguette, beret and glass of wine in a so-called “country song” that ticks all the boxes of French clichés. Uninhibited mockery of the famous « French touch “We see there Emmanuel Macron’s alter ego flirting with his electorate with sidelong glances. And to finish:
“Now I have to say goodbye to you, but if you all vote for me in 2022, I will whisper to you… Thank you† †

The next step for round two, “Drop the shirt”?

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