Casino launches its seasonal barometer to better choose its fruits and vegetables

You know: to reduce the impact of our diet on the environment, it is ideal to reduce meat consumption, but also to eat local and seasonal dishes. Problem in supermarkets: The traces have faded, even if it means that buying tomatoes in mid-February or tasting the flavors of a strawberry normalizes from March. To better guide consumers to seasonal fruit and vegetables, Casino has decided to launch its seasonal barometer on Tuesday 19 April. A beneficial initiative in a sector that must continue to focus on more sustainable production and consumption patterns.

Casino’s seasonal barometer is in the form of a large panel representing a hemisphere, can we read it? Le Figaro† A gradation of colors (green, yellow and red) indicates to the customers of the brand’s branches whether the fruit and vegetables are in season. 28 fruits and vegetables are currently affected by the device, details the Parisian

“We talk a lot about this topic and the impact on the planet. But we’re not all farmers, we don’t always know which products are in season, explains. When the customer sees that he or she is being offered this or that fruit and vegetables, he buys them without asking any questions. It is up to us to do the pedagogy. †

Tina Schuler, General Manager of the Casino Brands at Parisian

Green, yellow or red?

Specifically, the color code should be interpreted as follows:

  • when the product is marked green: it is in season,
  • in yellow: the product is offered at the beginning or at the end of the season,
  • in red: out of season.

The initiative is already being deployed in Casino hypermarkets this week, the national newspaper reports. Supermarkets and, in the coming months, convenience stores will follow, as well as Casino’s online sales site.

If the approach is favourable, it is interesting to note that the brand leaves the consumer the responsibility of whether or not to buy fruits and vegetables out of season. An observation that does not concern strawberries, however: Casino has informed Le Parisien that the sale of strawberries out of season (established between November 1 and January 31) will no longer be possible in its branches.

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