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VIDEO. Ludovic Franceschet, the garbage collector followed by 300,000 subscribers on social networks

The most useful professions are not always the most valued. An example ? Garbage collectors. While their role is the one essential if we want healthy, clean and ecological cities, they do not enjoy recognition worthy of the services they provide us. In order to better understand and love his work, Ludovic Franceschet, garbage collector for the city of Paris, decided to document his daily life through short videos on social networks. Results ? Several hundred thousand subscribers.

Ludovic Franceschet, 45, has been a garbage collector for five years. And his mission, which he takes care of with care, professionalism and good humor. His engine? The conviction, the certainty itself, to do an essential and precious work.

Ludovic Franceschet, in a report by France 2 :

“We are here to heal our streets. We are the street doctors. Street magicians. With our magic broom we spread purity all over Paris.”

To look :

“I am very, very proud to do this work. The proudest in the world. I would even say the proudest in the universe.”

Go here to follow Ludovic Franceschet.

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