VIDEO. ‘Justice knows’: 20 women testify against PPDA in ‘Mediapart’

More than a year after the first testimonies from women accusing Patrick Poivre d’Arvor of harassment, assault or rape, the declared victims continue to speak, even though the protagonist, who enjoys the presumption of innocence, has filed a libelous charge against several women. Tuesday 10 May in a broadcast of media part, as many as 20 women testified again, 18 of them with uncovered faces. Some of them spoke for the first time. The independent media believe that speaking out about gender-based and sexual violence is in the public interest, but specify that it does not want to replace justice.

They are journalist, author, teacher, shop assistant or librarian. They did not know each other until recently, but they all have one thing in common: these women testified in the context of a judicial investigation against Patrick Poivre d’Arvor, star of French television and former presenter of the TV News by TF1 for two decades.

Sexual harassment, problematic behavior, aggression, rape… Here are the facts that these women, invited by media part in an exceptional program broadcast on Tuesday evening 10 May on PPDA. “Those whose stories you are about to hear have never been reunited. The alleged facts they are telling date back to the 1980s or a few years ago.”writes the media whose show has since been picked up by many media outlets, including: the Parisian Telerama20 minutes or France news

Complaints closed without follow-up

“This is the first time I testify in public”for example, entrusted Margot Cauquil-Gleizes, teacher. “To be here today, with my face uncovered, is a way of telling him that I am not afraid and that I stand by my testimony that he raped me when I was 17 and sexually assaulted me in his office on 24 -year age. †

For her part, journalist Hélène Devynck said she wanted to speak because: “the violence of Patrick Poivre d’Arvor”† She added: “He filed a complaint against 16 of us. We’ve all come here to tell our stories to Justice. Justice has not done anything about it so far. She sent us away. What we come to tell you is what Justice knows and also the violence it is to testify.

PDDA fights all violence against the women who accused him, he told media partthrough his attorney. The former presenter also refused any interview with the independent media.

To discover all the testimonials, here is the program, available in its entirety:

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