VIDEO. Italy: Schoolchildren form a guard of honor for two Ukrainian children

To thunderous applause, Dimitri and Victoria take their first steps at their new Italian school. A well-deserved ovation for these two young Ukrainians who had to flee their country during war.

They traveled for miles, along with their mother, to escape the Russian bombings. As soon as they arrived on Italian soil, brother and sister, aged 8 and 10, were warmly welcomed by the Neapolitan population. This Monday, March 14, they even received an ovation from their new classmates at the Don Milani Institute in Pomigliano d’Arco.

To reassure these two young refugees and build confidence, the schoolchildren and teaching staff have set aside a guard of honor for them, waving the two-tone flag of Ukraine. At the end of this standing ovation, Dimitri and Victoria were taken by the hand by two of their comrades. Look :

The brother and sister go to stay with their grandmother while they wait for the fighting to end. Meanwhile, their mother will soon go to Ukraine to find her husband at home.

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