Dominique Crenn, three-star chef in San Francisco, teaches you vegetarian cooking

How do you turn a bunch of asparagus into a real gourmet dish, without even needing a single piece of meat to make the recipe delicious? Celebrity chef Dominique Crenn distils all her vegetarian cooking tips into a new online course. This virtual coaching is available on the streaming platform Masterclass and promises an introduction to plant-based gastronomy, without having to leave the house.

Tomato, melon, leek, mushrooms, cabbage and cheese. Here is the menu signed by Dominique Crenn to provide everything you need to know about vegetarian cuisine. Based in San Francisco, the chef of Breton descent, who has won the recognition of her colleagues with the help of ultra-millimetre plates and accurate taste, accepted the invitation of the streaming platform Masterclass to guide the Internet users in learning a more vegetable gastronomy.

Place the vegetables in the middle of the plate

In fourteen episodes, connected students learn how to place the vegetable in the center of the plate. The first three-star female chef in the United States, the Frenchwoman who makes America’s West Coast salivate, takes stock of the equipment and accessories needed to prepare a plant-based dish. The boss of the highly respected Atelier Crenn presents different techniques for blanching but also for grilling, roasting or even preparing a jelly. In one of the sessions, the chef shows that these different methods can be adapted to the same product, in this case asparagus. In the “tomato” chapter, the cook explains how to dehydrate the fruit vegetable before blanching it, as well as how to turn the skin into powder.

She also reveals her chef’s tips and presents the herbs and flowers she uses to flavor and prepare a dish. In terms of recipes, the course includes the preparation of a Shepherd’s pie, a bĂ©arnaise sauce or even a vinaigrette.

Cooking classes are available on the Masterclass platform, which appeals to personalities whose success in their chosen field is a benchmark and allows them to provide the best advice. This digital coaching scans a wide repertoire of skills, from music to wellbeing and cooking. Scottish chef Gordon Ramsay has lent himself to the game in the past. The monthly subscription is 16 euros and gives access to the entire catalog.

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