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VIDEO. In the midst of the war, the Kyiv Classical Orchestra plays “for peace” in Maidan Square

As Russian troops move closer to the Ukrainian capital every day, music sounded in Kiev as a symbol of resistance on Wednesday, March 9. About twenty musicians from the local symphony orchestra gave a “concert for peace”, in the famous Maidan Square. A strong and timeless moment in a very symbolic place.

On the 14th day of the Russian offensive in Ukraine, Kiev is still standing. Ukrainian troops are ready to defend their capital against the Russian army and resistance is being organized, in many forms. On Wednesday, March 9, members of the Kyiv Symphony Orchestra decided to sound their instruments in Independence Square – or Maidan Square – as a sign of support for their country, as reported euro news

Under the direction of conductor Herman Makarenko, the musicians played some world-famous symphonies for a small audience, mainly consisting of journalists. Among the pieces selected were: Ode to Joy van Beethoven, which has become the official anthem of the European Union, or even the Ukrainian national anthem Shtche ne vmerla UkraineUkraine is not dead yetin French).

Makarenko took the floor to explain the scope of this collective action: “This concert is an action for peace, the most important thing for modern humanity. With this concert, we want to support our President, Volodymyr Zelensky, who has called, summoned and will call on all the governments of the world to stop the war in Ukraine.”he told reporters, as reported France Inter.

The famous Maidan Square, symbol of the 2014 Ukrainian revolution, was practically deserted, but their music filled it with beauty, courage and sounded like an ode to peace.

Watch and listen to their concert by watching this autographed video euro news

While Ukraine and its people are threatened by war, Independence Square is once again a strong symbol of the resistance of the Ukrainian people.

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