VIDEO. In Bordeaux, Serge Combarieu bakes his bread in a wood-fired oven dating back to Louis XV

In his bakery in Bordeaux, Serge Combarieu makes bread “as in the old days”. And it is not without reason that this passionate craftsman bakes his baguettes and other house specialties in a traditional wood-fired oven… dating back to 1765. A way for this enthusiast to perpetuate his ancestral know-how and give his bread an inimitable taste.

In Bordeaux, the Pétrin Moissagais is a real institution. Located in the Cour de la Martinique, in the heart of the Chartrons district, this bakery offers old-fashioned bread baked in a somewhat unusual wood-fired oven. Indeed, the 23 m2 installation dates from the 18th century, ie the time of Louis XV, as reported neo

“Nobody wants to cook with wood anymore. There is no doubt that there is no wood oven, because in Bordeaux there would apparently be almost 1,000”, reports Serge Combarieu, baker and owner of the establishment. According to him, the lack of interest in these ovens is due to the cooking time involved: about 4 hours per batch, compared to less than half for current ovens. But for this passionate craftsman, “It is the baking that makes bread taste”

Chocolate or pain au chocolat?

Le Pétrin Moissagais offers a “Gascon bread” that has earned its reputation. The recipe is simple: water, sourdough, a little yeast, flour, salt and the know-how of bakers. Baked in a wood oven, this bread is “characterized” by the stone and has a special taste due to its fermentation. In addition to this specialty, this artisan bakery also offers pastries, including chocolate. “We also make the well-known pain au chocolat. It’s just bread dough with chocolate sticks in it, like it was then. That way everyone is happy”entrusts Serge Combarieu neoironic “international division”

This baker, established in Bordeaux for twenty years, wants to continue the tradition of the wood oven and the preparation of bread “the old-fashioned way”. “In France, we would rather give medicines than tell a professional to stop using bad products in bread”, berates Serge Combarieu, who believes that ‘big brands’ have a better future than his company. But there is no such thing as pessimism. “Small neighborhood bakeries remain”he assures.

View the report of neo on this traditional bakery from Bordeaux:

A bakery that combines passion and tradition, to the delight of lovers of good bread.

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