VIDEO. General Motors bets on humor and the climate emergency to sell its cars

On the occasion of the Super Bowl, General Motors promotes new electric vehicles in a 1 minute and 30 commercial featuring the main characters of the villains of the cinematic saga Austin Powers† A bold but questionable choice.

After learning that he is no longer the world’s greatest villain, Doctor Hell, with the help of his council of villains (played by Rob Lowe, Seth Green, and Mindy Sterling), decides to Austin Powers, to combat the climate change, which is overshadowing it. Objective: to become the first global threat again.

Behind this well-oiled humor, which appeals to the nostalgia of fans of the famous trilogy written and embodied by Mike Myers, General Motors is promoting these new electric vehicles on the occasion of the Super Bowl, which will take place on the night of 13 until February 14, 2022. This international sporting event is followed every year by millions of television viewers around the world. The traditional halftime concert is always eagerly anticipated, as are the many advertisements specially made for the occasion.

A multi-million dollar investment

With rising consumer expectations for brand engagement, General Motors is no exception to the rule, thus offering age-of-time advertising laced with humor and environmental and even feminist references. The video subtly denounces the mania some men have, in meetings, to appropriate a woman’s ideas and make comments to present them as their own.

Should General Motors not wish to communicate about the investment made for this campaign, CNBC reports that the cost of a 30-second Super Bown commercial would be approximately $6.5 million. Broadcasting multiple spots would cost 7 million.

It remains to be seen whether there is a real commitment to the fight against climate change from General Motors behind this ambitious marketing operation.

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